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Archive - As with the Home and Away site I've again decided to include an Archive section of Neighbours images captured from old video tapes. The quality of these images isn't great and varies depending on the age and quality of the video tapes that they came from but for fans of the chosen girls I hope they will still be welcome.

There is around 1,500 archive images though Kym Valentine constitutes about a third of the total as I used to think she was a total babe and was in my opinion the hottest thing in the show at the time of these recordings. Though some other notable entries from Eliza Szonert, Kimberley Davies and Emma Harrison also stand out.

If you would like to let me know what you think of the Archive images you can contact me via the feedback page or via the forum.

Aimee Robertson - Melissa Drenth

Alyce Platt - Jen Handley

Annie Gagliardi - Bianca Zanotti


Brooke Satchwell - Anne Wilkinson

Carla Bonner - Stephanie Scully/Hoyland


Eliza Szonert - Danni Stark


Emma Harrison - Joanna Hartman/Evans


Holly Valance - Felicity 'Flick' Scully


Jacinta Stapleton - Amy Greenwood


Josephine Clark - Allana Truman


Julie Mullins - Julie Robinson/Martin


Kimberley Davies - Annalise Hartman


Kylie Minogue - Charlene Mitchell/Robinson


Kym Valentine - Elizabeth 'Libby' Kennedy/Kirk


Marnie Reece Wilmore - Deborah 'Debbie' Martin


Melissa Bell - Lucy Robinson


Neighbours miscellaneous images


Nicola Charles - Sarah Beaumont/Hannay


Peta Brady - Cody Willis


Petra Jared - Georgia Brown


Radha Mitchell - Catherine O'Brien


Rebecca Ritters - Hannah Martin 


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