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This is the video section where I will post video clips. I will not be hosting them on my own webspace as they will consume too much bandwidth. So I will hyperlink to the file hosted by Rapid Share.

For a guide on how to download the video's see HERE and how to play Mpeg2 files see HERE. To obtain the DivX codec see HERE. If you have any problems with downloading the video's you can read the FAQ helpguide in the forum HERE.

Bouncy, bouncy it's Eliza Taylor-Cotter in a black bikini - DivX 21.2 MB's 2 Mins 13 Secs

Caitlin Stasey and Dichen Lachman in bikini's by the pool - DivX 29.9 MB's 3 Mins 05 Secs


Eliza Taylor-Cotter in a blue bikini in the pool - DivX 11.2 MB's 1 Min 09 Secs


Caitlin Stasey in a sexy bikini top - DivX 11.3 MB's 1 Min 10 Secs

Dichen Lachman, enticing Ned into unspeakable acts, in her underwear - DivX 5.53 MB's 34 Secs


New girls Nicky Whelan and Natalie Saleeba in their bikini's having a pool party during their first week in the show - DivX 14.6 MB's 1 Min 31 Secs

A compilation of moments of Natalie Saleeba in her first week in the show. Includes Natalie in tight office clothes and in a bikini top with Nicky Whelan - DivX 40.2 MB's 4 Mins 11 Secs


Natalie Blair dressed as a naughty nurse - DivX 15.1 MB's 1 Min 36 Secs

Eliza Taylor-Cotter in yellow shorts, a tight fitting top and black fishnet tights polishing cars at her new job - DivX 34.4 MB's 3 Mins 35 Secs


Pippa Black in her bikini by the pool - DivX 22.1 MB's 2 Mins 18 Secs

Adelaide Kane and Caitlin Stasey by the pool in their bikini's - DivX 18.5 MB's 1 Min 57 Secs

Adelaide Kane & Caitlin Stasey in their bikini tops in the kitchen talking to Ringo - DivX 17.0 MB's 1 Min 47 Secs

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